When software development is your core

Planon successfully extended their operations globally with the help of dedicated teams in India. Planon partnered with coMakeIT in order to scale up, expand their target market and realize their growth potential. coMakeIT provided a flexible, team-based, Scrum model where several software development teams within coMakeIT’s managed facility work seamlessly with their overseas counterparts. The result was simply outstanding!


How coMakeIT helped Planon

coMakeIT’s partnership with Planon speaks volumes about how a software company can become scalable and agile in most cost-effective manner. coMakeIT provided a largely self-managed avenue for Planon to achieve scalability by giving them access to abundance of talent in India. Planon retained overall management and control on all processes, including recruitment and selection which directly led to a very low staff turnover. Planon split up the home teams one by one and supplemented them with coMakeIT staff, starting with their best team. The aim was to ‘clone’ the old team within six months, so that both teams when working together could achieve an output of atleast 150%. 


What we do

We empower ISVs and service providers by partnering with them and ensuring that they are able to meet their business objectives without having to compromise on time or quality. coMakeIT gives you the freedom to focus on your core business areas while simultaneously expanding your development activities through offshoring. And the best part is: you have complete ownership of your team all the time.



coMakeIT is you! coMakeIT completely identifies with your pain areas and growth challenges. Our passion is facilitating software development and we do it with absolute commitment to your business goals and vision. This translates into high levels of professionalism, trust and transparency.

Extend your team , close by!


You could be an established IT company or a startup, your main concern would be to accomplish your software development targets well within time, and easily scaling up when needed while reducing development costs at the same time. For this purpose, you can have your own development center that is completely integrated with respective component of your value chain. Mapped with different stages of the value chain, respective work can be easily shared by the teams working in distributed environment, complementing the local teams with the advantages of time difference between the countries. In fact, when the teams are seamlessly integrated, it’s as good as being a local team in close proximity.

Our Clients